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Providing access to much needed resources, advocating for more services, making new things happen that could give the unhoused a step up in life.  Providing opportunities to advance themselves in the way they choose.


Strives to fulfil every need of our unhoused neighbors.  The goal we work towards every day is that through our outreach efforts the unhoused can have the opportunity to stabilize and rejoin society.  We are not just helping them become housed, but giving them access to become capable to help get themselves to the life the would like to live.


Building a solid foundation of support for our unhoused community.


Capturing and supporting the City of Concords most vulnerable unhoused population and providing a safety net for food, basic needs, collaboration, advocacy, and linkages to community resources while providing with the upmost respect


We work to end the cycle of homelessness for families in our community.  We feed the hungry today while building a healthy hunger-free tomorrow.  We unite our community to nourish our neighbors in need.


A grass roots organization providing resources, support, and opportunities for the unsheltered in our community.  We make positive changes in their lives and their community.

No judgment

Guide our unhoused population to be self-sustaining

Bridge the gaps between the unhoused and services



Create and support Family services and systems of care

Perform daily Community Outreach to engage with the entire community

Solve problems organically

Build a Foundation of support

Fill gaps created by processes and access

Build relationships and partnerships and trust

Use Compassion

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