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Fundraising for 2024

We've come so far in such a short amount of time thanks in large part to our volunteers and donors like you. But there's so much more work to do.

You can make an immediate impact by donating today to GROW Concord.

More About GROW Concord

We are an all-volunteer and privately funded charity that focuses on the basic needs of the most impoverished people in our community. Our volunteers prepare and serve meals and hydration at two Concord parks six nights each week to our homeless neighbors while learning more about each life and what other resources may be helpful.

Our mission is to foster meaningful relationships with our homeless friends and community partners and to create a safe and supportive environment that encourages growth, personal development, stabilization, and positive changes for all.

This past year we have:

  • Served and delivered 6500 meals with hydration

  • Provided 780 Showers with Hygiene Kits and Clean Undies

  • Provided 400 Tarps

  • Distributed 500 Blankets

  • and much more

We need your help to continue to serve hot, healthy meals and drinks throughout 2024.

Please consider a donation to help us meet our Goal of $40,000. If you can't give right now, consider sharing this call for fundraising with your network. We are only able to serve the community with your support.

Our culture is Kindness, our passion is Strong and our hearts and minds constantly seek solutions. To see us in action, you can view this video about GROW filmed by KPIX News.

Thank you,

The GROW Team

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